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Diamonds are Forever…Especially in the Metaverse

January 25, 2023 Reg/Tech Lab - HKU FinTech - HKU-SCF FinTech Academy Season 1 Episode 12
Regulatory Ramblings
Diamonds are Forever…Especially in the Metaverse
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Ajay Shamdasani speaks to Bruno Larvol, co-founder of, a new Web3 startup that operates exclusively in the Metaverse with the aim of bringing the next generation of virtual assets to a wider audience.
RXXO diamonds are a digital clone of actual diamonds in the physical world – in essence, the first 'cryptangible' asset tailored to an increasingly digital life.
Bruno is a serial entrepreneur who is also the CEO and founder of San Francisco-based LARVOL – a technology firm specializing in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to major US pharmaceutical, and Fortune 500 healthcare and biotechnology companies.
Originally from France and a naturalized US citizen, he is a living embodiment of the truly international nature of Silicon Valley and the American Dream writ large.
Bruno and Ajay talked about the commercial opportunities and legal challenges of operating an enterprise purely in the Metaverse; how 'cryptangible' assets can mimic, in some ways, the attributes of underlying physical assets; and the ever pervasive nature of NFTs, crypto and how they regulated.

Discussion guide (check the chapters):

Ajay and Bruno's conversation started with an extensive discussion about the Metaverse - why Bruno remains bullish about it and the potential implications to the way people live in real life. (03:02)

Their discussion also focused on the concept of diamonds in the metaverse space, in the context of digital assets, pricing, and crypto-diamond market dynamics. (33:50)

They also discussed career paths students should take and how people should not be intimidated by technology, while also looking for avenues - including social media - to learn new things. (1:01:49)

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Metaverse: Bruno's Experience & Its Future
'Cryptangible': Diamonds in Metaverse
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