Regulatory Ramblings

Oonagh van den Berg: What does it take to be a compliance officer?

March 08, 2023 Reg/Tech Lab - HKU FinTech - HKU-SCF FinTech Academy Season 1 Episode 15
Regulatory Ramblings
Oonagh van den Berg: What does it take to be a compliance officer?
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Oonagh Van Den Berg is founder of the compliance consultancy firm VRS (Virtual Risk Solutions) and RAW Compliance, a global compliance social enterprise providing free training and networking for compliance officers.

​In this episode, she joins Ajay Shamdasani  to discuss what it takes to be a compliance officer – in terms of skills, knowledge, and temperament – as well as the challenges of being a woman in male-dominated fields such as financial services, law and compliance.

They also discuss the role of technology in the legal and compliance professions moving forward, the tendency towards using credentials as a proxy for experience, and the importance of regular upskilling and lifelong learning to stay relevant in an age of perpetual change.

In a separate discussion on Regulatory Ramblings - Briefs, Oonagh discusses her background growing up in Northern Ireland during the tumultuous 1980s, how she found her way into the legal profession. You can listen to this discussion through the Regulatory Ramblings page at:

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Starting a career in compliance
The critical role of mentorship
Being a woman in compliance and work-life balance
Credentials in the industry
What the compliance industry can learn from FinTech
Legal training and compliance
Should legal and compliance merge?
Current issues across the compliance
Compliance, risk and governance
Compliance as career path