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The Financialisation Of Everything: Anything that Can be Digitised Can be Financialised

May 03, 2023 Reg/Tech Lab - HKU-SCF FinTech Academy - Asia Global Institute - HKU-edX Professional Certificate in FinTech Episode 19
Regulatory Ramblings
The Financialisation Of Everything: Anything that Can be Digitised Can be Financialised
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The “Finansialization of Everything” is a term few have heard of. Yet, personalised financial technology – like cryptocurrencies and blockchain – has the power to alter how people regularly interact. Our guest, Emmanuel Daniel, highlights in his book how emerging FinTech and never-before-seen transactions are fundamentally changing the roles of institutions, markets, and the commanding heights of the world economy. His insights provide fintech players with an out-of-box perspective of how they will bring about disruption and innovation.

He talks to Regulatory Ramblings host Ajay Shamdasani about: the weaponisation of money; the next financial crisis and the ensuing global economic order; the nature of decentralised finance (DeFi), the lie of financial inclusion, and why he believes central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are doomed to fail.

Emmanuel is the founder of The Asian Banker (TAB) and his next book is tentatively titled "The Winning Civilization". It follows the theme of financially driven changes covered in his previous work, "The Great Transition", which was released last year. 

Much of his writing is based on his three decades of experience founding and running TAB Global as a media, research, and consulting house. Emmanuel has extensive contact with leaders in banking and finance around the world. He won the Citibank Excellence in Business Journalism for Asia in 1999 for his work on the Internet in banking.

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Global Innovations in Finance
China’s Regulation in Data Analytics and AI and the US and De-centralised Finance
The Financialisation of Everything
The Commodification of Data
The Automation of Finance and the Digitisation of Finance
The Lies in Financial Inclusion
Rules on Information
Greater Access to Digital Technology
The Weaponisation of Money
CBDCs will fail versus Stablecoins
The Next Financial Crisis
The Future Financial Order