Regulatory Ramblings

Biometrics in Financial Services with Bala Kumar

December 06, 2023 Reg/Tech Lab - HKU-SCF FinTech Academy - Asia Global Institute - HKU-edX Professional Certificate in FinTech Season 1 Episode 33
Regulatory Ramblings
Biometrics in Financial Services with Bala Kumar
Show Notes

Strengthening financial services with multi-modal biometrics
Ep 33 with Bala Kumar, Chief Product Officer at Jumio

Against a backdrop of rising AI-fuelled phishing attacks in the Asia-Pacific, in this episode of Regulatory Ramblings, Bala Kumar chats with host Ajay Shamdasani how such developments will affect the landscape of online identity fraud, and how such threats will evolve and, if possible, be anticipated moving forward. They discuss how can businesses effectively counteract the threat of identity fraud and safeguard their customers while maintaining regulatory compliance, as well as the increased efforts by certain Southeast Asian governments to facilitate cross-border payments, and how to ensure such transactions are secure and adhere to cross-jurisdictional rules and regulations.

Bala also stresses how organisations can successfully strike a balance between strong security and seamless customer experiences. He notes that beyond cybersecurity, there are other multiple other risks and concerns that global banking and financial institutions and multinational corporations should be cognisant of.

The conversation concludes with Bala sharing some key strategies for ensuring compliance with digital payment systems.

About Bala Kumar: He is responsible for Jumio’s product vision and strategy, and is leading the execution of Jumio’s digital identity platform. A former TransUnion executive, he brings more than two decades of product innovation and leadership experience to Jumio

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